Salesforce Developer Training

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Salesforce Developer Course Overview

Top-tier software provider salesforce offers cloud-based software solutions that have completely altered how corporate software is used. Through case studies and real-world projects, this course covers all the principles of development. Simply put, we aim to deliver work-focused training with practical experience.
Key Features of Salesforce Training
• Acquire a basic understanding of ideas such as what salesforce is and programming
• Addressing difficulties at the code level when utilizing the CRM system.
• Become as knowledgeable as possible about the salesforce tools.
• Recognize the many development tools available.
• How to Prepare for the Salesforce Developer Exam and Pass It
• The information needed to work as a salesforce developer is covered in this course.
• Produce original declarative code and a range of programmatic applications.
• Obtain a salesforce developer certification.
• Case studies, actual-world situations, and lab tests.
• Consult the interview questions and solutions for both experienced and inexperienced salesforce developers.

Who can take Salesforce Developer Certification?

Beginner Salesforce Developer training is necessary, and newcomers should learn the fundamentals. If you are unfamiliar with the concepts outside of code, you cannot be an effective Salesforce programmer. This SFCC Developer certification is open to recent graduates wishing to launch their careers, as well as to other CRM experts and functional consultants seeking an exciting position. Developers that want to advance their careers are prepared to make more money than the typical Salesforce developer compensation.

Course curriculum
  • Course Overview

    Salesforce is a cloud-based software company that provides businesses with tools that help them find more prospects, close more deals, and provide a higher level of service to their customers.

    Course Content

    • Module 01 - Salesforce Fundamentals
    • Module 02 - Quote Templates – Preview, Create, and Activate
    • Module 03 - Field Types and Salesforce Objects
    • Module 04 - Creation of Custom Buttons, Link units, and Actions
    • Module 05 - Salesforce Workflow, Schema Builder, and Process Builder
    • Module 06 - Validation and Workflow Rules
    • Module 07 - Creation of Role Hierarchy
    • Module 08 - Security Data Security Model
    • Module 09 - Salesforce User Profiles
    • Module 10 - Salesforce Reporting and Dashboards
    • Module 11 - Data Management in Salesforce
    • Module 12 - AppExchange
    • Module 13 - Deploying a Change Set
    • Module 14 - User Interface in Salesforce
    • Module 15 - UI component dynamic update
    • Module 16 - Event handling
    • Module 17 - Server side controller
    • Module 18 - Hands on example of Server side controller
    • Module 19 - Mobile
    • Module 20 - APP DEVELOPMENT
Salesforce Developer Training FAQ’s:
1.What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a cloud-based platform that provides software and services to create relevant customer experiences.

2.Is Salesforce a good company to intern for?

Yes, Salesforce is a great company to intern for because they offer a lot of opportunities to learn and grow. They have a great culture and are always looking for talented interns.

3.What can cause data loss in Salesforce?

Although Salesforce takes data backup very seriously, data loss can still occur in some cases. For example, if a user deletes data accidentally, if a user's permissions are changed and they no longer have access to certain data, or if data is corrupted due to a software bug.

4.What is Object Relationship Overview?

Object Relationship Overview is a cloud-based software designed to help businesses manage their customers, sales, and prospect relationships. The software gives users an overview of all their Salesforce data in one place, making it easy to see relationships between objects.

5.I'm not in sales, how can Salesforce help me?

Salesforce can help you in a number of ways, whether you're in sales or not. The software can help you manage your customers, find new prospects, and close more deals. If you're not in sales, Salesforce can still help you wow your customers and give you the insights you need to succeed

6.I am a student. Can Salesforce help me with my studies?

Absolutely! Salesforce offers a variety of free resources designed to help students learn about and succeed in the field of sales. From e-books and articles to webinars and online courses, Salesforce has everything you need to get started in your studies.

7.How is SaaS beneficial to Salesforce?

SaaS is beneficial to Salesforce because it allows businesses to find more prospects, close more deals, and wow customers. The company has a wide variety of products that can be used by businesses of all sizes, making it easier for them to get started and scale their operations.

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