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JQuery For Beginners and its Features

JQuery is cross platform and light weight JavaScript library where jquery simplifies Ajax call and DOM elements. The pre-defined library of javascript makes programing easy for folks. Over javascript, jquery is having minimal code with lot of powerful and easy written code.

What is the basic need to start with jQuery?

For beginners of programming mainly we can go with javascript and advanced level is JQuery Training which is very important for beginners to learn with limited experience. Mainly there are different kinds of advantages in learning JQuery which include dynamic features of JQuery and in a short time programme will complete with minimal code. Where, some of the benefits of JQuery, Which makes importance to learn JQuery.

Features of JQuery

JQuery library is used to simplify the usage code in the html for dynamic and effects to appear in page with look and feel as a premium look. For designing and development purpose of website mostly for dynamic website JQuery is used. Main features of the JQuery are explained below:

Usage in website building:

Usage of JQuery in web development for plugins of word press as the JQuery libraries are easy to use for the development purpose of website with look and feel and according to the web vitals of SEO. All the libraries are available in online which use the many functions for the dynamical of website. 

Easy to Learn:

JQuery has simple syntax and it is intuitive also it can integrate with Html. Programmers will easily learn the relationship between JQuery and CSS, AJAX, Javascript. JQuery has a simple syntax and programmers can use it easily in their code. Robustness of JQuery is used in making a functional web page or website.

Only one Code for all Browsers

JQuery is compatible between different browsers. The programmers previously used to write different codes for different browsers. A website has many DOM elements some work in some browsers but not in others. But JQuery universality is more versatile and simple.

Easy Syntax

Syntax of JQuery library is very simple. DOM Elements are simple and can integrate with JQuery, can implement JQuery events by this html elements . CSS version 3 is  used with JQuery in order to integrate with DOM elements. People want to take JQuery certification. 

Light weight

The JQuery library is light weight. The functions omitted used in webpage in the form of plugins. Code length has been reduced. Which in turn increase page speed and reduce bandwidth usage.

Free License

JQuery is an open source library and update done by experts directly include in it .It has free to use license. Microsoft has included the JQuery library in Visual Studio in the year 2010.

Wrapping Up

All these features and benefits of JQuery made it popular over JavaScript libraries. Light weight code is more attractable and easy to use. Our institute is happy to train the individuals on JQuery concepts. With special tools and advanced ways to learn it.


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